What have you been putting off?

September 28-29-30, 2018 at Indy Hall

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You probably have something on your to-do list that you find intimidating, but is exactly the step you know you need to take in your business, or your career.

You know the kind.

Maybe it’s a set of tasks that requires new skills outside of your comfort zone, or just beyond your current know-how. Or you freeze when you think about taking a deep dive into the unknown to figure out what comes next.

These are the projects that we know are most important...but we put them off, over and over and over.

What if you set a deadline, and knew you'd actually finish this time?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if whenever you were stuck you could ask an expert?
  • How awesome would it be to get feedback right away (and from people other than your friends)?
  • What if instead of just being inspired, you got something done?!

Finish Up Weekend has your back.

2 days of focused coworking (plus an evening) • you & 29 other people with something to finish • 5+ expert mentors every day • the structure and support you need to finish up!
2 days of focused coworking You & 29 other with something to finish 5+ expert mentors every day The structure and support you need to finish up!

This community event is designed to help you get shit done

Starting something new is the exciting bit...but we're here to make sure that the real work you've been putting off get's finished.

You'll have to two structured days of coworking where you can benefit from the shared energy of people working just as hard as you, and avoid the distractions that come up every other weekend.

We'll make sure your breaks are relaxing but productive, instead of getting sucked into a Netflix binge session never to return.

Hone your creative skills, whatever they are

Not sure what you can do in a weekend? Potential projects include:

Whatever it is, we'll help you keep it in scope so you're able to finish something valuable in a weekend, and then keep up the momentum.

Get 5 minutes of an expert’s time at just the right moment

We’ll have a range of expertise in the room, including business strategy, design, development, copywriting and marketing. If you find yourself reading the same sentence over and over, or are stuck with a technical bug, just raise your hand and help is on the way.

In addition to Finish Up Weekend organizers Alex Hillman and Nicole Forrester, you'll be supported by a team of mentors representing the range of skills and expertise you need to take your project across the finish line.

Apply now to get your ticket to Finish Up weekend, and you'll meet our mentors before they're announced to the public!

David Dylan Thomas
Content strategist, podcaster, filmmaker

Dave works to make peoples' lives better through everything he creates: from giving thought-provoking talks, podcasting about cognative biases, he's an expert in thoughtful strategy for creating any kind of media or content.

Can help you with: figure out a plan to use content to achieve your goals, podcasting, public speaking, creating events.

More about Dave: http://daviddylanthomas.com/

Jordan Poole
DJ, Event Curator, Media Artist

Jordan (aka DJ Royale) uses music to connect people together: from profitable pop-ups, to teaching inner city kids how to DJ, his adventures have taken him around the world, and even to the Obama White House.

Can help you with: marketing, outreach, turning passion into profit, partnerships, harnessing social media, generating buzz.

More about Jordan: https://www.instagram.com/djroyalephilly/

Yasmine Mustafa
Social Entrepreneur, GDI Philly & ROAR for Good

Yasmine is an entrepreneur and advocate for women technologists. She cofounded ROAR for Good with the mission of leveraging communities using technology and education to foster safety and peace of mind.

Can help you with: business, product design, marketing & communication, advocacy, community building.

More about Yasmine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLMlxvCroP0

Zach Russell
Software/Web Developer & SEO

Zach is an entrepreneur who uses his software development & SEO skills to help businesses grow.

Can help you with: Google Cloud Platform, systems administration, WordPress, PHP, Python, NodeJS, HTML/CSS and pretty much any SEO question.

More about Zach: https://zachrussell.net/

Nicole Forrester
Designer, Developer, Finish Up Weekend

Nicole is a badass generalist: an expert in app design & development, ground-up product design, illustration, event production, and marketing campaigns, for both small businesses and Fortune 500s.

Can help you with: Designing products, strategic decision-making, coding/technical issues, marketing/copy, design/art.

More about Nicole: http://www.treehouseops.com/

Alex Hillman
Writer, Entrepreneur & Indy Hall cofounder

Alex is a serial shipper: from blog posts to podcasts, successful community events to creative business concepts, he knows how to take big ideas and get them into the real world ASAP!

Can help you with: starting businesses & changing careers, writing, event planning, marketing/outreach, learning new things quickly.

More about Alex: https://dangerouslyawesome.com/

More Mystery Mentors
to guide & support you across the finish line!

Curated expertise from a variety of backgrounds to support and inspire your work for the weekend. (We'll even factor in your project needs based on your Finish Up Weekend application.)

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The Schedule

We've built in more structure than your usual coworking session to help you cross the finish line! Each work session starts with a valuable (and inspiring) lesson from our team of mentors, and ends with a check-in to see evaluate your progress. Plus scheduled breaks give you time to rest your brain and meet your fellow finishers!

Friday Night

Happy Hour! 5-7pm

Chill and low key, quick round of intros:

What are you finishing up this week?

What could you help someone else with?

Go home and get a great night's rest!

Saturday, Day 1

Get Started! 9am-5pm

  • 15 minute warm-up lesson
  • 2.5 hour work sprint
  • 30 minute check in, reflection, questions, help

90 min (long lunch!)

  • 15 minute warm-up lesson
  • 2.5 hour work sprint
  • 30 minute check in, reflection, questions, help

Sunday, Day 2

Finish up! 9am-5pm

  • 15 minute warm-up lesson
  • 3 hour work sprint
  • 30 minute check in, reflection, questions, help

90 min (long lunch!)

  • 15 minute warm-up lesson
  • 2.5 hour work sprint
  • 30 minute check in, reflection, questions, help

get the mentorship & inspiration you need to finish

Your ticket includes:

  • • Two full days of top-notch coworking + our Friday evening social event
  • • Your own copy of Just F#!@ing Ship by Amy Hoy (recommended reading before the weekend)
  • • Four inspirational, action-oriented lightning talks across two days to get you moving in the right direction
  • • Expert mentorship and support throughout the weekend
  • • The feeling of finally marking that thing as DONE

Less than 15 seats remain - reserve yours for $150!

Apply now


Is this just for people starting projects or businesses?

Nope! In fact, the busier we get the more likely we are to get bogged down with commitments. If you've ever felt like you were too busy to find time for important projects you've always wanted to do, or to take next important step for growth, this is for you.

Where is this happening? Do I need to be in Philadelphia?

This is an in-person event, taking place at our coworking space in Old City Philadelphia (399 Market Street). Please make sure you can get here and be present for the whole weekend!

How much time will I get with the mentors?

While there’s no hard and fast rule, our mentors are present to give insight, encourage you in the right direction, help fix an issue that’s tripping you up etc... and then let you get back to work. In our experience, as little as 5 minutes of expert time can give you the confidence or technical tip you need to push through. After 5-10 minutes of helpful advice, your mentors may rotate to help other attendees before checking back to see your progress.

I doubt I’ll be able to finish my project in the weekend time, is that ok?

Our goal is to end the weekend with as many people FINISHED as possible. If you don’t think you can finish your entire project, we suggest that you pick a smaller aspect of the project that you could finish during the weekend. You might even want to focus on a portion of your project that you've been putting off, and getting the help you need to start and finish.

For example: Instead of designing and building a whole website in a weekend, focus on the home page or a landing page that will let you accept sign ups or new clients. And once you've got the look of that page finished, the rest of the site can be built even easier!

I'm working on a project with a partner. Can we both participate?

Definitely! Even if you're dividing and conquering a project, you'll be able to get the support you need. Just remember that you each need your own ticket to attend.

I have another question!

You can email Nicole and Alex at finishupweekend@indyhall.org :)