Learn & Share ANYTHING with Indyskillz

🤔 “So… What do people do here?” 👋 Meet Pam Selle and find out!

“Indyskillz” is one of the ways that Indy Hall community members who are stuck on a question or problem, or want to learn about almost anything, can find someone else in the community who can help them!

We encourage members to post in our dedicated #indyskillz slack channel whenever they want to learn something (or when they learn something that they want to share).

If you notice that someone wants to learn/teach something what you’re willing to teach/learn, reach out and find a time to start sharing!

Success stories & monthly recaps

Since 2014, THOUSANDS of exchanges have taken place within the Indykillz community alone!

Thankfully, community member and Indy Skillz creator Lydia Martin curates a monthly update of everything shared in our #indyskillz Slack channel.

If you have a membership (and an active GroupBuzz account), you can click the links below to browse the history and find out who has the expertise you need!

Member Skills & Interests

Here’s just a small sampling of the wide range of skills and interests in our community. If you’re a member, check out the Slack channel for the latest!

What's Happening in our Community