Code For Philly Discount Guest Pass

🤔 “So… What do people do here?” 👋 Meet Pam Selle and find out!

Special Free Coworking Offer, exclusive for Launchpad 2019!

If you part of a Code for Philly Launchpad 2019 project team, you have access to unlimited FREE COWORKING during the month of September. Yup, totally free!

The Indy Hall community believes in the Code for Philly mission of making Philly a better place for everyone.

So as a thank you for your public contributions, all Launchpad project team participants are invited to make Indy Hall your coworking home base for free during the month of September as a thank you for your public contributions.

All we ask is that you RSVP (it can be the same day!) so we can know to look out for you.

Please mention that you’re on a Code for Philly project team in the comments of the reservation.

If you have any questions about this offer, please email us: See you around!

Standard Code for Philly Discount

Wanna spend the day coworking with us before your next Code for Philly event

Indy Hall isn’t just a venue for CfP community events, it’s also place where other creative citizens like you come to be productive around other people.

And since you’re a member of the Code for Philly community, we’re offering a discount of $10 off your guest pass when you want to work for the day before your next Code for Philly event.

You grab your laptop, bring your work, fuel up on a free cup (or three) of our custom roasted coffee (or tea). Make a few new friends at the lunch table.

And best of all, you don’t have to schlep across the city to your event at the end of the day….because you’re already here!

Just fill out the form below to securely purchase your guest pass.

Total Amount (save $10 per pass): $0.00

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