For Indy Hall, our ambition is to make Philadelphia (and ultimately the world) a better place to make a living doing what you love.

The Greeks had a word - eudaimonia - which translates to "the good life". More specifically, they described the good life as "...rich with relationships, ideas, emotion, health and vigor, recognition and contribution, passion and fulfillment, and great accomplishment and enduring achievement."

Sound appealing? Then Indy Hall might be for you.

At the heart of Indy Hall, you'll find great people having authentic and meaningful experiences. We are living - and working - the good life.

We believe in sharing the good life & actively working towards it together.

Come pursue these goals with us, as a member of Indy Hall. We're excited to meet you!

How we do it

We always:

...help unlikely groups of likeminded people form relationships.

...focus on people and their interactions, and the formation of relationships.

...help people tell the stories of the experiences they have in Philadelphia.

...trust people to do the right thing.

...guide people to being good citizens of Indy Hall and of Philadelphia.

...support people in their goals of building businesses to last, in Philadelphia and for Philadelphia.

We never:

...do anything against our community’s interest.

...focus on desks or square footage.

...create something only because we think we’re supposed to.

...accept the status quo.

...accept a "no" at face value.

...compromise our core values.

...prioritize a transaction before a relationship.

Every day, we:

...keep people at the center of every action, interaction, and decision.

...welcome new community members, and make it clear that Indy Hall is theirs, not just ours.

...always look for a way to say yes.

...teach others in our immediate and neighboring communities how we operate.

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