Works Well with Others

Imagine having coworkers you enjoyed sharing your time with, both inside and outside of work.

Indy Hall is home to the coworkers you always wanted. You'll have endless opportunities to meet new colleagues — and to become new friends — every day. Every week. All the time.

Indy Hall Member - Lansie Sylvia

Lansie Sylvia

Member Since September 2012

"One day at Indy Hall can recharge me for a whole month, especially meeting new people and sharing information with my peers."
Indy Hall Member - Nick Eubanks

Nick Eubanks

Member Since October 2011

"The community at Indy Hall have become my entrepreneurial support system and a constant source of inspiration and motivation to be better."
Indy Hall Member - Johnny Bilotta

Johnny Bilotta

Member Since August 2007

"Never before have I felt that I am a part of something so very special. It is home and more like family than any coworkers I have had before."
Indy Hall Member - Lauren Ancona

Lauren Ancona

Member Since February 2011

"I've done more professional development at the hall in 18 months than the 3 years prior."
Indy Hall Member - Akos Tolnai

Akos Tolnai

Member Since May 2011

"IndyHall is full of members who know what drives change: helping others, sharing knowledge, supporting communities, creating communities."
Indy Hall Member - Jason van den Brand

Jason van den Brand

Member Since June 2012

"Being surrounded by such a variety of talented people provides the community, inspiration, & motivation to create something great."
Indy Hall Member - Amy Hoy

Amy Hoy

Friend & Member Since September 2007

"I've been all around this great big world...but I've never been anywhere else with such a mix of brilliant, ambitious, independent and simultaneously welcoming, encouraging & down-to-earth people. Indy Hall is the reason we picked Philadelphia when we moved back to the US."
Indy Hall Member - Salas Saraiya

Salas Saraiya

Member Since December 2007

"The power of this community never ceases to amaze me."
Indy Hall Member - David Moore

David Moore

Member Since September 2012

"I work for a company remotely. IndyHall is my local community, my inspiration and what fuels me forward. It's a place full of progressive, smart and passionate people. It's where I want to be."

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