A few (actual) reasons people say they love Indy Hall

"Indy Hall has helped me take my ideas and work more seriously as a freelancer, by exposing me to so many other independent workers."

"Indy Hall is the reason I have many friends in Philly."

"Indy Hall has helped me find work, do my work, and find others to join my work."

"Indy Hall helps me feel like I am a part of something bigger than just myself — I like feeling like a part of a much bigger team."

"Indy Hall offers a chance to get out of my bubble and gain perspective."

  • Community Membership

    Starting with an Indy Hall Membership, you can:

    • Attend a guided group intro to the community on Google Hangouts - join from anywhere!
    • Have a 24/7 direct line to 300 other community members, using our online community list & chat rooms. You can ask questions, share ideas, or just socialize and meet amazing people.
    • Learn what's happening in the community! Our private member site includes announcements about events and opportunities, interviews with community members about their experiences, and more.
    • Come to free/discounted events every week: community meals, show and tell, and more.
    • Participate in group activities and field trips throughout Philadelphia.
    • Get to drop by our coworking space for a fun, productive workday.
    • And much, much more.
    1. Join Now for $20/month or $200/year prepaid

Want your workplace to be connected and inspiring, too?
Come work from the Indy Hall clubhouse with a coworking membership.

p.s. All coworking memberships include after-hours coworking during Night Owls every Tuesday from 6-10pm

p.p.s. Oh, and we're flexible. All memberships are month-to-month with a deposit equal to the membership level.

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