Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indy Hall?

We are a gathering of people finding a way of working better together (both offline and on), focused on inspiration, participation and learning through doing. Anything can happen, the environments and space(s) change.

The members of Indy Hall share a fundamental optimism, a spirit of liberty in action, encouragement and enlightenment. Where many people would see problems, Participants see opportunities for making things better, and they wish to take on a personal responsibility for making things happen.

We work toward inspiring anyone to help everyone. 

We use creative intelligence to solve real problems.

But, our members explain it best. Read why they love being a member of Indy Hall.

What is coworking?

To us, coworking is a state of mind - the belief that we are happier and more productive working together than alone.

Coworking and Indy Hall are built on 5 core values:


Coworking can happen anywhere - but Indy Hall happens to be a particularly great place to do it!

How much is does a membership cost?

We have monthly memberships available based on how often you want to use the shared workspace. Check out our membership options.

Just visiting for the day? We have a day rate of just $30, too!

Need more specific information? Shoot us an email at [email protected].

When can I see Indy Hall? Can I take a tour?

Please do! It's best to give us a give us a heads up here before stopping by.

What is the best way to get to Indy Hall?

By Public Transport: 
Our location is conveniently near the 2nd Street stop on the Market Frankford Subway Line, which provides easy cross-town access. We're also very close to stops on several Septa bus routes through Old City Philadelphia.

By Bicycle:
If cycling is your preferred mode of transportation, there is ample on-street lockable bike parking as well as limited indoor bike storage.

By Car:
There are several pay-per-day parking lots within a block of Indy Hall, with fees ranging from $8-20 per day depending on your time of entry and the day of the week. 

There is often on-street parking as well, but BE CAREFUL when reading parking signage and be sure to set a timer if you need to feed your meter during the day. You may find free parking, just be mindful of time limits.

Coming Soon: Transportation & Parking Pro-Tips from Indy Hall Members.

Does Indy Hall host events that are open to the public?

We sure do - almost every week! Check out our Meetup page for upcoming events. 

I'd like to rent Indy Hall for a meeting. What's that going to cost?

First thing is first: have you visited Indy Hall, yet? We're a bit different from the usual office/event space, so it's important that you stop by to see how things work before you jump into planning how you use our space.

All of our memberships include use of our shared spaces (including conference rooms), but if you're looking for space and not membership, we might not be the best fit for you. 

That said, some people have found what they're looking for on

Still want to talk to us? Drop us an email.

I make a lot of phone calls for work - is Indy Hall the place for me?

That depends - how would you feel about working next to yourself on the phone all day? 

Truthfully, Indy Hall tends to not be the best place for people who spend all day on the phone. You can come in at other times, though, and there are plenty of community activities to be a part of!

Can I use Indy Hall as my business address?

We're not a virtual office, nor do we live to sort mail. We'd like to work alongside of you, not your neglected Cat Fancy subscription.

You're welcome to list us as your business address, but you have to promise to pick up your mail often! 

I have an event that I'd like to host at Indy Hall. How can I do that?

Like meetings, our hosting abilities vary from event to event. Email us at [email protected] and tell us what you're all about. We're always looking for reasons to say 'yes'.

I'm looking for rock-star talent to help me on a project. Can Indy Hall forward me some names and resumes? 

Looking to link-up with ridiculously talented independents in Philly? Join our community, spend some time working here on your thing, and build sincere relationships along the way. If you're only looking to stuff your rolodex, however, we're probably not the right place for you to be.

I want to start a coworking space, and I'd like to talk to Alex and Geoff.

Sweet! You came to the right place.

We have compiled many resources to share with you regarding your own coworking space, or coworking in general. Here's where many others have successfully gotten their start:

If you still want to schedule some time with the founders, email [email protected] to set up a consultation.