Coffee nerds, we've got your number

Written by Alex Hillman on 21 November 2013 | Comments

Indy Hall is known for a few things. 

The amazing community of people who work here is at the top of the list...but it's also not a secret that we're a coffee drinker's paradise. We don't skimp on the good stuff here. No K-cups. No freeze-dried grinds. We go out of our way to get fresh beans from single origin roasters. 

A few months ago, one of our resident coffee mavens, Dr. James Falconi, presented the idea of doing a blind coffee tasting as a way to educate the members of the community about the coffee we drink, but also to help us choose a new selection of roasters for 2014.

As you can see from the photos below, the event was a HUGE success

So you're probably wondering...which roasters won the taste off? And how did we determine the winners?

James kept us waiting through a suspenseful three part blog series, but you can read all three right now:

Part 1- The Plan

Part 2 - The Execution

Part 3 - The Results

The only thing left? For you to come by for a visit and enjoy a cup yourself. 

So many thanks to James for putting this event together, to ALL of the roasters who participated, and to the members who joined in on the selection process. We'll do this again next year to determine the 2015 coffee selection at Indy keep an eye out!

Oh...and if you're into WHISKEY...jump on our mailing list below to find out about our next whiskey tasting. James runs this event too, and he's almost as obsessive/passionate (maybe more) about whiskey as he is coffee!

Our podcasts have their own home, and a new name!

Written by Alex Hillman on 1 October 2013 | Comments

A little over a month ago we launched a series of interviews being hosted by our member Herb Cohen. 

The response has been fantastic, so we decided to keep going!

Starting this week, you can find new episodes of Indy Hall Radio every week at AND on iTunes

Don't forget to subscribe! This week's newest episode with Hila Ratzabi explains a bit more about what a poet...that's right, a poet, is doing a few days a week at Indy Hall. Enjoy!

Meet a Member "Podcast" #2- Everett Reiss

Written by Alex Hillman on 26 August 2013 | Comments

Last week you met Adriano Martino. This week, meet Everett Reiss.

Everett's been a member of Indy Hall for a few years, so he's able to share some sage advice for members at all levels. Listen in as he talks about working with family, and how important connections for business can come from unlikely places. 

Want to listen to more interviews like this one? Get updated when the next one comes out; you can subscribe to get blog updates however you love them.

Meet a Member "Podcast" #1- Adriano Martino

Written by Alex Hillman on 21 August 2013 | Comments

A few weeks back I started kicking around an idea with one of our newer members, Herb Cohen. He hosts a radio show that interviews CEOs and executives from giant companies around the world, but wanted to plug into the energy and community here at Indy Hall.

After a bit of back and forth, we settled on an experimental interview show where we record 11 minute conversations that uncover a little bit of each member, what they do, who they are, what they care about, and their impressions of Indy Hall.

In the spirit of JFDI, we recruited our first batch of interviewees...and the first recording is live with Adriano Martino

This was really fun to record, and I feel like we (the interviewees and co-hosts together) all  got to know each other better.

We've got three more interviews in the bag, and will be rolling them out every week here on the Indy Hall blog. You can subscribe to get blog updates however you love them.

Where the heck is Indy Hall? Now we're easier to find!

Written by Alex Hillman on 19 August 2013 | Comments

Even though we've had a front door connected to the sidewalk for a little over the year, so many people would walk right past that front door when looking for Indy Hall. Visitors and guests no longer have to wander the streets of Old CIty (though we do encourage it - it's an awesome neighborhood) wondering where we are.

The front door to Indy Hall now sports our familiar logo, tagline, and of course a typographical hat-tip to the N3rd Street community.



Coworking Day Video Premiere: In your own words, what is Indy Hall? 

Written by Alex Hillman on 9 August 2013 | Comments

Today is the 4th annual International Coworking Day. That means that we're celebrating the history of coworking, and what coworking means, along with other coworking communities and spaces around the world. For a glimpse of the action, search Twitter or Google for #coworkingday

Or if you want to get in on the action, help get our hashtag to trend globally and share your own story about what coworking means to you, even if you're not an Indy Hall member!

It's days like today that I'm particularly proud of what we've accomplished - not just at Indy Hall the "place", but far beyond our walls.

About our latest video

I’m a firm believer that the best people to describe what coworking means are NOT the people who run coworking spaces, myself included. Instead, we look for ways to create opportunities for our members to share their perspective and meaning, and build on that. 

In the video embedded above, you’ll hear from around a dozen Indy Hall members about what coworking in this community means to them. And, as always, they say it better than I ever could.

In addition to thanking the members shown in the video for their time and testimony, I have to thank Producer/Storyteller Margie Strosser, and Director/Editor Paul Shannon of Real Arts Media for their effort and initiative to help us share these stories.

This video is nearly 2 years in the making, and I’m thrilled to finally be sharing it with you. It’s a bit serendipitous that it was ready the day before International Coworking Day.

But that’s how coworking works. Serendipitously.

In your own words, what is Indy Hall (or coworking)?

Since we could only capture a sampling of voices for the video, I'd welcome you to share what Indy Hall or coworking means to you in a comment below. (p.s. this blog finally has comments again!)

Join Indy Hall this Friday/Saturday/Sunday for a community powered "reboot", volunteers welcome!

Written by Alex Hillman on 31 July 2013 | Comments

It’s been over a year since we rearranged things (when we took over the ground floor), in no small part because it’s become a colossal undertaking to plan and execute. In that year, a lot of people haven’t changed where they sit even once. That starts to take a toll on the flexibility and diversity that people love the most about Indy Hall, and we’re now LONG overdue to shake things up again.

One of the big goals of a reboot is to shake loose some of the cobwebs and help each other to find new members to meet and parts of the office to make our home.

Another goal is simply to make Indy Hall look nicer with a fresh coat of paint, some new colors on the walls and artwork rotation.

And finally, as silly as it might sound, we have a goal of staying in motion, and continuing to explore the potential of our community and our workspace. Even if you love Indy Hall EXACTLY like it is now, realize that we got this way because we’ve maintained of that constant motion for nearly 6 years. Now’s not the time to stop!

So. We have a plan that’s beginning to unfold, but we’ll need your help (and a little bit of JFDI) to pull it off.

Read on to find what we know, and what we don’t know, about this upcoming Reboot Weekend.

Reboot Project List

Below is a list of everything that we know we want to accomplish this weekend. 

We may accomplish more, but this is quite a bit to start once you factor in painting!

• Take apart desks

• Move desks out of the hall

• Paint walls upstairs

• Paint walls downstairs

• 2nd floor lounge switcheroo

• Sweep/mop floors

• Clean windows

• General cleaning

• Install speakers in back half of 1st floor

• Hang new projector screens on 1st and 2nd floor

• Mount foam acoustic padding in the conference rooms

• Decopage bathrooms (finish the comic book walls on the ground floor, prepare magazines for 2nd floor bathrooms)

• Experiment with floorplan redesign ideas when re-assembling

Perhaps there’s a project or two that’s of interest to you? Then join us to lend a helping hand!

Some of these projects will be able to be done in parallel, or can be done ad-hoc “at any time” over the weekend pending your availability.

Schedule & Sign Ups!

In addition to a project list, we’re beginning to fill out a rough schedule of “shifts” for the weekend. We’ve broken all three days into 3 hour blocks with a meal and/or refreshments at the end:

 10am-1pm (break for lunch)

 2pm-5pm (break for dinner)

 6pm-9pm (beers, wine, etc!)

If you plan to come by and help, please add your name to this hackpad under the time(s) that you’re available to help out this weekend: 

The most time consuming project of the weekend will definitely be painting. The more hands we have, the faster it will go! Even if it’s just for an hour or two, it’d be awesome if you could stop by and put some paint on a wall!

Don’t worry, putting your name on the schedule isn’t binding, but it will help us plan how much time we’ll need to complete the projects. Having spoken to many members who aren’t sure when the best time to come is, where the “holes” in coverage will help people pick, too!

Questions? Drop us an email at [email protected]

Thanks, and we hope to see you this weekend!

Our Independents Day BBQ w/Jarvus is Friday July 5th 

Written by Karina Clough on 26 June 2013 | Comments

Every 4th of July, America celebrates its independence. Since the summer of 2010, Indy Hall has celebrated its INDEPENDENTS the day after, on July 5th. 

This year we are excited to collaborate with Jarvus

This year's Independents Day BBQ with Indy Hall & Jarvus will be held on Friday, July 5th from 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Liberty Lands Park in Northern Liberties

This is a perfect opportunity to getaway from your desk and spend time with Indy Hall members, friends, and family ESPECIALLY with the weather looking spectacular

You're invited to being bring friends & family, your favorite side dishes or dessert to share, and some good cheer to spread around. Maybe even bring a game to play in the park. 

Indy Hall and will be providing the basic grilling (dogs, burgers etc), the fixings, and the plates, cups etc. 

And thanks to Philly Homebrew Outlet , we'll have a keg of delicious home brewed beer as well! 

Please make sure to RSVP so that we have a close accurate count.  

We hope to see you next week - and have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Indy Hall Arts: While We Catch Our Breath...

Written by Sean Martorana, Mike Jackson, and Adam Teterus on 25 June 2013 | Comments

A little message from Sean Martorana, Mike Jackson, Adam Teterus and the Indy Hall Arts Community:

Last year, we started a little fire. A fire that’s been growing and changing and engulfing more talent to keep it burning in ways we hadn’t even considered. We called it, quite simply, Indy Hall Arts. See, Indy Hall is something extraordinary, and the way it’s moved and taken shape over the past six years has been nothing short of astounding. We’ve always embraced the arts, through our locally-contributed artwork donning the walls throughout our clubhouse at 22 N. 3rd Street, and we’ve always searched for more ways to celebrate and share the good stuff inside these walls. With the addition of a street-level entrance back in 2012, it was time to take things to a new level - literally.  

It’s never been easier to discover Indy Hall. It’s never been easier to stumble inside to work, chat, ogle the artwork, attend a class, learn something, meet someone. It’s also never been easier to have work hosted in our gallery space, seen by hundreds of Philadelphians on any given First Friday. We’ve been striving for accessibility in the arts, tapping into the purpose for creating and connecting something meaningful, and we’re excited by the reception of what we have to offer. More over, we’re in awe of the support that you, our community, has shown us. It’s one thing for an audience to enjoy an event, but it’s an entirely different, transcendental experience for the audience to participate. We’re blown away. We’re proud. We’re ready for more.

But first...

We’ll be taking a bit of a break during the summer, to collect our thoughts and refine our efforts. Have no doubt, Fall 2013 will be unforgettable. 

At the very moment, we’re working on producing the highly-anticipated show return of Indy Hall Arts alum Sean Martorana as well as the premiere exhibition of Michael Heston - with much more to come. Until then, we’re transforming our gallery space, the entrance of Indy Hall, to host an array of local musicians for something we’ve dubbed Second Saturday Synesthesia. You can find out more about that facet of Indy Hall Arts here, and keep your ear to the ground for announcements about July’s SSS.

Thanks for coming to the shows. Thanks for supporting the artists. Thanks for having a drink with us. 

Thanks for telling your friends. Let’s do this again, soon.
[email protected]

A little housecleaning

Written by Alex Hillman on 10 June 2013 | Comments

Welcome back, Indy Hall friends!

When we redesigned late last year, our blog was stale and out of date. We decided to scrap it until we noticed the pain of not having a blog...and that time has come. 

In addition to a blog, we've added a "purpose" page to help us describe why Indy Hall exists, and an FAQ to help people answer commonly asked questions about our coworking community. 

Take it for a spin!