Coffee nerds, we've got your number

Written by Alex Hillman on 21 November 2013

Indy Hall is known for a few things. 

The amazing community of people who work here is at the top of the list...but it's also not a secret that we're a coffee drinker's paradise. We don't skimp on the good stuff here. No K-cups. No freeze-dried grinds. We go out of our way to get fresh beans from single origin roasters. 

A few months ago, one of our resident coffee mavens, Dr. James Falconi, presented the idea of doing a blind coffee tasting as a way to educate the members of the community about the coffee we drink, but also to help us choose a new selection of roasters for 2014.

As you can see from the photos below, the event was a HUGE success

So you're probably wondering...which roasters won the taste off? And how did we determine the winners?

James kept us waiting through a suspenseful three part blog series, but you can read all three right now:

Part 1- The Plan

Part 2 - The Execution

Part 3 - The Results

The only thing left? For you to come by for a visit and enjoy a cup yourself. 

So many thanks to James for putting this event together, to ALL of the roasters who participated, and to the members who joined in on the selection process. We'll do this again next year to determine the 2015 coffee selection at Indy keep an eye out!

Oh...and if you're into WHISKEY...jump on our mailing list below to find out about our next whiskey tasting. James runs this event too, and he's almost as obsessive/passionate (maybe more) about whiskey as he is coffee!

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