Coworking Day Video Premiere: In your own words, what is Indy Hall? 

Written by Alex Hillman on 9 August 2013

Today is the 4th annual International Coworking Day. That means that we're celebrating the history of coworking, and what coworking means, along with other coworking communities and spaces around the world. For a glimpse of the action, search Twitter or Google for #coworkingday

Or if you want to get in on the action, help get our hashtag to trend globally and share your own story about what coworking means to you, even if you're not an Indy Hall member!

It's days like today that I'm particularly proud of what we've accomplished - not just at Indy Hall the "place", but far beyond our walls.

About our latest video

I’m a firm believer that the best people to describe what coworking means are NOT the people who run coworking spaces, myself included. Instead, we look for ways to create opportunities for our members to share their perspective and meaning, and build on that. 

In the video embedded above, you’ll hear from around a dozen Indy Hall members about what coworking in this community means to them. And, as always, they say it better than I ever could.

In addition to thanking the members shown in the video for their time and testimony, I have to thank Producer/Storyteller Margie Strosser, and Director/Editor Paul Shannon of Real Arts Media for their effort and initiative to help us share these stories.

This video is nearly 2 years in the making, and I’m thrilled to finally be sharing it with you. It’s a bit serendipitous that it was ready the day before International Coworking Day.

But that’s how coworking works. Serendipitously.

In your own words, what is Indy Hall (or coworking)?

Since we could only capture a sampling of voices for the video, I'd welcome you to share what Indy Hall or coworking means to you in a comment below. (p.s. this blog finally has comments again!)
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