Join Indy Hall this Friday/Saturday/Sunday for a community powered "reboot", volunteers welcome!

Written by Alex Hillman on 31 July 2013

It’s been over a year since we rearranged things (when we took over the ground floor), in no small part because it’s become a colossal undertaking to plan and execute. In that year, a lot of people haven’t changed where they sit even once. That starts to take a toll on the flexibility and diversity that people love the most about Indy Hall, and we’re now LONG overdue to shake things up again.

One of the big goals of a reboot is to shake loose some of the cobwebs and help each other to find new members to meet and parts of the office to make our home.

Another goal is simply to make Indy Hall look nicer with a fresh coat of paint, some new colors on the walls and artwork rotation.

And finally, as silly as it might sound, we have a goal of staying in motion, and continuing to explore the potential of our community and our workspace. Even if you love Indy Hall EXACTLY like it is now, realize that we got this way because we’ve maintained of that constant motion for nearly 6 years. Now’s not the time to stop!

So. We have a plan that’s beginning to unfold, but we’ll need your help (and a little bit of JFDI) to pull it off.

Read on to find what we know, and what we don’t know, about this upcoming Reboot Weekend.

Reboot Project List

Below is a list of everything that we know we want to accomplish this weekend. 

We may accomplish more, but this is quite a bit to start once you factor in painting!

• Take apart desks

• Move desks out of the hall

• Paint walls upstairs

• Paint walls downstairs

• 2nd floor lounge switcheroo

• Sweep/mop floors

• Clean windows

• General cleaning

• Install speakers in back half of 1st floor

• Hang new projector screens on 1st and 2nd floor

• Mount foam acoustic padding in the conference rooms

• Decopage bathrooms (finish the comic book walls on the ground floor, prepare magazines for 2nd floor bathrooms)

• Experiment with floorplan redesign ideas when re-assembling

Perhaps there’s a project or two that’s of interest to you? Then join us to lend a helping hand!

Some of these projects will be able to be done in parallel, or can be done ad-hoc “at any time” over the weekend pending your availability.

Schedule & Sign Ups!

In addition to a project list, we’re beginning to fill out a rough schedule of “shifts” for the weekend. We’ve broken all three days into 3 hour blocks with a meal and/or refreshments at the end:

 10am-1pm (break for lunch)

 2pm-5pm (break for dinner)

 6pm-9pm (beers, wine, etc!)

If you plan to come by and help, please add your name to this hackpad under the time(s) that you’re available to help out this weekend: 

The most time consuming project of the weekend will definitely be painting. The more hands we have, the faster it will go! Even if it’s just for an hour or two, it’d be awesome if you could stop by and put some paint on a wall!

Don’t worry, putting your name on the schedule isn’t binding, but it will help us plan how much time we’ll need to complete the projects. Having spoken to many members who aren’t sure when the best time to come is, where the “holes” in coverage will help people pick, too!

Questions? Drop us an email at [email protected]

Thanks, and we hope to see you this weekend!

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