Indy Hall Arts: While We Catch Our Breath...

Written by Sean Martorana, Mike Jackson, and Adam Teterus on 25 June 2013

A little message from Sean Martorana, Mike Jackson, Adam Teterus and the Indy Hall Arts Community:

Last year, we started a little fire. A fire that’s been growing and changing and engulfing more talent to keep it burning in ways we hadn’t even considered. We called it, quite simply, Indy Hall Arts. See, Indy Hall is something extraordinary, and the way it’s moved and taken shape over the past six years has been nothing short of astounding. We’ve always embraced the arts, through our locally-contributed artwork donning the walls throughout our clubhouse at 22 N. 3rd Street, and we’ve always searched for more ways to celebrate and share the good stuff inside these walls. With the addition of a street-level entrance back in 2012, it was time to take things to a new level - literally.  

It’s never been easier to discover Indy Hall. It’s never been easier to stumble inside to work, chat, ogle the artwork, attend a class, learn something, meet someone. It’s also never been easier to have work hosted in our gallery space, seen by hundreds of Philadelphians on any given First Friday. We’ve been striving for accessibility in the arts, tapping into the purpose for creating and connecting something meaningful, and we’re excited by the reception of what we have to offer. More over, we’re in awe of the support that you, our community, has shown us. It’s one thing for an audience to enjoy an event, but it’s an entirely different, transcendental experience for the audience to participate. We’re blown away. We’re proud. We’re ready for more.

But first...

We’ll be taking a bit of a break during the summer, to collect our thoughts and refine our efforts. Have no doubt, Fall 2013 will be unforgettable. 

At the very moment, we’re working on producing the highly-anticipated show return of Indy Hall Arts alum Sean Martorana as well as the premiere exhibition of Michael Heston - with much more to come. Until then, we’re transforming our gallery space, the entrance of Indy Hall, to host an array of local musicians for something we’ve dubbed Second Saturday Synesthesia. You can find out more about that facet of Indy Hall Arts here, and keep your ear to the ground for announcements about July’s SSS.

Thanks for coming to the shows. Thanks for supporting the artists. Thanks for having a drink with us. 

Thanks for telling your friends. Let’s do this again, soon.
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